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Thursday, September 30, 2004


Love Story

One dark summer day at hell farain see the most handsome creature she have ever seen. he name is zulfirdaus , and every move he makes just turns farain on more and more. She nudge her best friend sharianty and say, "Wow, that has to be the most muscular body I have ever seen." Suddenly, he looks in her direction and starts walking right towards farain!!! he says, "I noticed you staring at me from over there. I just had to tell you, that I think you are very sexy and pretty!!!!! , and was wondering if you'd like to go to at my room< at house > < both two only> with me and sex and kiss each other ?" With a stupid smile on farain face she say, " i can't wait to do it " and go with him. When farain finally get to at my room , he moves closer to farain, and gives farain the biggest kiss ever. The two of them are passionately kissing, when farain feel MISS CHNG ( FORM TEACHER) hit farain on the back of the head. she open her eyes to find out it's all a dream, but there is a note left next to her bed.
It reads: " zulfirdaus is the love you've been waiting your whole life for. he will ask you out in 2 days or less, but only if you talk to zul about this to within the next few day. the more zul believe you, you both will fall in love. Do not take this lightly, because if you simply ignore this, you will have bad luck in your love life for the next 2 years!"

Saturday, September 25, 2004



On the 10th day of Zulhijah, the last month of the Muslim calendar, Muslims observe Hari Raya Aidil Adha. This festival is celebrated in conjuction with the pilgrimages performed by Muslims, called the Haj, in the holy city of Mecca. According to the fifth tenet of Islam, Muslims are required to perform a pilgrimage to the holy city at least once in their lifetime. After the completion of the Haj, the pilgrims would sacrifice animals and the meat is distributed among the poor. Upon completion of the Haj, men and women are entitled to wear a white headdress and are addressed as "Haji" and "Hajah" respectively. The day is spent offering thanksgiving prayers and prayers for forgiveness at the mosques early in the morning and visiting friends and relatives later in the day. It is customary for Muslims to hold "open-house" for friends and relatives where a wide selection of traditional Malay food is served.


1909 - 1944
Businessman, War Hero

Early Life

Lim Bo Seng, a prominent Hokkien businessman came to Singapore from Fujian province in China at age 16. He studied at Raffles Institution and then went on to Hong Kong University.

Anti-Japanese activist

An active leader in anti-Japanese activities during World War II, he first antagonised the Japanese by helping to collect funds to fight against their aggression in China. Being head of the labour Services Corps, he provided the British government with labourers for the war effort before the Japanese invasion.

Resistance fighter

When war broke out in Asia, he led the Mobilisation Council which provided Chinese labour for defence construction and formed the Chinese Liaison Committee for civil defence. After the Japanese capture of Singapore, Lim escaped to India where he was trained to fight in the jungle and later recruited resistance fighters, drawn mainly from the Kuomintang, for Force 136. Known also as the Dalforce or Singapore Chinese Anti-Japanese Volunteer Battalion, it was a special operations force formed by the British in June 1942 to infiltrate and attack enemy lines. Some local Malays were also recruited into the force.

Some of these men trained in India were sent secretly by submarine in 1943 to Malaya where they established contact with the communist controlled MPAJA (Malayan Peoples' Anti-Japanese Army). During one infiltration trip in March 1944, Lim was captured by the Japanese while trying to warn other operatives that they should escape. He was betrayed by triple agent, Lai Teck, leader of the Malayan Communist Party. Lim was tortured for refusing to reveal the names of MPAJA leaders who worked with him. He died in Batu Gajah jail in Perak on 29 June 1944 at the age of 35.


He was posthumously awarded the rank of Major-General by the Chinese Nationalist Government while a special funeral was held at City Hall steps on 13 January 1946. He is buried in MacRitchie Reservoir Park while a memorial to his name is situated on the Esplanade. Bo Seng Avenue off Whitley Road is named after him.



Between 13 and 14 February 1942, Singapore witnessed one of its fiercest battles ever known in her history. Amongst those who fought valiantly in that Battle for Pasir Panjang and lost their lives was a 27 year-old infantry officer, Lt. Adnan Saidi. Adnan Saidi and his 42-man contingent from the 1st and 2nd Battalion of the Malay Regiment fought fearlessly to defend Pasir Panjang Ridge. The ferocious fight put up by the Malay Regiment came for special mention in Lt.Gen. A.E. Percival’s Despatch on the Operations of Malaya Command from 8 Dec 1941 to 15 Feb 1942:

"After two hours of heavy shelling and mortaring, the Japanese attacked the Malay Regiment which was holding Pasir Panjang Ridge. The latter fought magnificently, but suffered heavy casualties, and by afternoon the enemy had reached the Gap (Pasir Panjang Ridge)…"

At this historic site, Singapore’s last stand for defence was made in an epic 48-hour battle, culminating in the only (recorded) fiery hand-to-hand combat against the Japanese Army.

Early Life

Born 1915 at Kampung Sungei Ramal, Kajang, Selangor, Lt. Adnan Saidi was the eldest in his family. His younger siblings, Ahmad Saidi and Amarullah Saidi were soldiers too. Ahmad Saidi was killed in action after he joined the navy in 1939. The Japanese sank his ship, the HMS Pelanduk, enroute to Australia. The younger Mr. Amarullah Saidi survived the war and is now retired and resides in Kajang, Selangor.

Lt. Adnan Saidi received his education in Pekan Sungei Ramal in the English medium. He was a diligent student and excelled in his studies. Upon graduation, Adnan was chosen to be a trainee teacher and taught at his alma mater for over a year. Fate however had other plans for him. A firm man who took discipline seriously, Adnan Saidi chose instead to pursue the military vocation.

In 1933, when he was 18 years old, Adnan Saidi joined the Malay Regiment. A year later, he was chosen as best recruit. In 1936, Adnan was promoted to the rank of Sergeant – a promotion that came fast for a bright young soldier. In 1937, he was chosen to represent his platoon in a military ceremonial parade in London to honour the ascension of King George VI to the throne. Shortly thereafter, Adnan Saidi was promoted yet again to Company-Sergeant-Major and headed for Singapore for an officers’ conversion course. Upon graduation as 2nd Lieutenant, Adnan Saidi became the leader of the 7th Platoon, ‘C’ Coy.

A Family Man

Upon his return from London, Lt. Adnan Saidi married a school teacher from his village. Madam Sophia Pakih Muda bore him three children: two sons, Mokhtar and Zainudin (now living in Seremban and Johore respectively), and a daughter. Youngest of the three siblings, the baby girl died in her early infancy shortly after Singapore fell.

Despite his hectic schedule as a career soldier, Lt. Adnan Saidi settled down quickly as a family man. He loved his boys and would always try to find time for his kids. He brought them for walks or played games with them. The games that he played with his boys were rough and rugged. Adnan wanted his sons to grow up tough. In an interview with Berita Harian (9 Sept `95), Mokhtar Adnan described his father as thus:

"My father did not talk a lot. He was a firm man and believed in discipline. He was always serious and fierce…yet had a good heart. There seemed to be a ‘light’ illuminating his face."

In late 1941, Lt. Adnan Saidi was posted to Singapore and brought with him his family. They lived in a big house off Pasir Panjang, in an area reserved for the families of the Malay Regiment. When the rumblings of the war grew nearer and the Japanese began preparations to invade Singapore, Lt. Adnan sent his family back to their hometown in Kajang. It was a trying day for Lt. Adnan - his wife, Sophia was carrying their third child. The young boys kissed their father’s hand and he reminded them to be good. It was to be their last time together.

Fire and Death on Opium Hill

The battle of Pasir Panjang is better known as the ‘Battle of Opium Hill’. Opium Hill or Bukit Chandu in Malay, was named after an opium-processing factory which used to be at the foot of the hill. Fierce fighting had preceded days earlier. The battle-hardened Japanese soldiers of the famed 25th Army had rapidly overwhelmed strategic defensive positions in Singapore. Opium Hill demarcated the final defence perimeter. It was a key defence position in Singapore for two strategic reasons: it overlooked the island of Singapore to the north and second, if the Japanese gained control of the ridge, it gave them direct passage to Alexandra area. The British Army had its main ammunition and supply depots, military hospital and other key installations situated there. The stout defence of the ridge was therefore critical at any costs.

The defence of the ridge had been entrusted to the ‘C’ Coy. ‘C’ Coy was part of the 1st and 2nd Malay regiment which made up the 1st Malay Infantry Brigade, the British 2nd Loyals Regiment and the 44th Indian Brigade. On February 13 1942, the crack Chrysanthemum Division of the Japanese Imperial Army under Lt.Gen. Renya Mutaguchi turned their attention to the southern coastal part of Singapore - Pasir Panjang Ridge. On that morning, the ridge was heavily bombarded with aerial support, heavy mortar and artillery fire. ‘C’ Coy and Lt. Adnan Saidi were stationed at Pasir Panjang Village. The Japanese forces were forced to retreat in the face of stiff resistance from ‘C’ Coy. Adnan and his men had built a wall of defence for the Regiment in an area of highland, known as the Gap. Though greatly outnumbered, the Japanese troops under Major Kimura could not breach the Gap’s defence perimeter.

At midnight, 14 February 1942, ‘C’ Coy received instructions to move to a new defence position - Pt. 226, Opium Hill. More soldiers were added to Adnan’s regiment – 42 in all. After a careful area survey, Lt. Adnan Saidi ordered his men to further strengthen their wall of defence with sandbags. The hill was surrounded with sandbags.

In the early afternoon of 14 February, the Japanese launched a sneak attack. From Pepys Road leading uphill to Pt.226, Adnan Saidi observed a contingent of "Sikh soldiers" from the British-Indian Army approaching. Distinguishing himself yet again, Lt. Adnan’s sharp eyes and quick mind noticed that something was amiss when he observed the troops in turbans, advancing in groups of fours instead the usual threes of the British Army. Seeing through the ruse, Lt. Adnan Saidi and his troops opened fire and mortally wounded about 20 soldiers at close range. The Japanese troops retreated.

Two hours later, the Japanese launched an all-out assault in great numbers. The attack overwhelmed Lt. Adnan Saidi and his troops. Greatly outnumbered and short on ammunition and supplies, the Malay Regiment fought its grisly battle to death.

Death of a Patriot

Fierce fighting followed on Opium Hill. All kinds of weapons was used, including grenades and automatic weapons. Lt. Adnan himself handled a Lewis gun. In many instances, the soldiers engaged in fierce hand-to-hand combat using their bayonets. Yet, they stood their ground frustrating their enemy. In the ensuing battle, men and officers fell. Adnan was mortally wounded yet refused to retreat and instead emboldened his men to fight to the last. It was this disregard of danger that inspired the company to stand up gallantly.

Tan Sri Dato’ Mubin Sheppard, 86, an ex-officer and former POW, says of his friend the late Lt. Adnan:

"He was heavily outnumbered by the Japanese…they bombed him but he fought on fiercely and inflicted heavy losses on them…. Adnan would have never surrendered under any circumstances. He was absolutely dedicated. In fact, just before fighting, he adopted a motto for his platoon, ‘ Biar putih tulang, jangan putih mata’ - death before dishonour."

Corporal Yaakob, who won a Medal of Gallant subsequently, was one of the few who survived Opium Hill. In the chaos of the battle, he fell and landed on top of the bodies of the dead soldiers. He escaped death by laying motionless amongst the pile of the dead bodies and witnessed the gruesome death of Adnan Saidi. The triumphant enemies captured Lt. Adnan. Angered by his fierce battle resistance, the platoon leader was dragged and pushed into a gunnysack. The Japanese soldiers then hung him by his legs on a cherry tree. Angered by the death of their fellow comrades, the Japanese bayoneted him again and again. In some instances, his throat was slit repeatedly. In Corporal Yaakob’s state of ‘death’, he witnessed these gruesome deeds. In the aftermath of the battle, no one was allowed to bring down his body for burial. No one dared. Some sources claimed that Lt. Adnan Saidi's mutilated body was burnt to ashes.

Years later, Haji Burhan Muslim, who had lived along Bukit Chandu, recalled going up the hill with his cousin few days after the battle. In one of the white bungalows that stood on the hill at Pepys Lane, he witnessed the dismembered bodies of Malay soldiers everywhere. In one of the rooms, laid the body of a Malay soldier. His throat had been slit several times. His uniform was soaked with blood. Judging from the badges he had on his uniform, Haji Burhan believed that he was a high-ranking officer. He felt that the body could have been that of Lt. Adnan Saidi.

Nightmare Continued

Adnan’s family was informed of his death through a telegram. A few days earlier, Madam Sophia had delivered their third child. Shortly thereafter, the baby girl died.

The nightmare did not end there for Lt. Adnan’s family. The Japanese began hunting down his family. A neighbour had warned that the Japanese were looking for Adnan Saidi's family. They were to be killed too. Worried that the Japanese would be able to track down his family, Mr. Amarullah Saidi had to give away his brother’s photographs and belongings. No one dared to keep Lt. Adnan’s belongings. Today, the only things of his father which Mokhtar Saidi has are three medals which were awarded to Adnan by the British.

In 1949, Madam Sophia became ill and passed away. Her sons were fostered out.

Kent Ridge Park

In 1995, a war memorial plaque at Vigilante Drive, Kent Ridge Park, was erected to honour the fighting spirit and patriotism of Lt. Adnan Saidi and his Malay Brigade.

Some however felt that the site of the plaque was not the exact spot of the battle. Haji Burhan Muslim, a former resident of Bukit Chandu, believes that the actual battle took place a kilometre away from Kent Ridge Park.

The heroic patriotism of Lt. Adnan Saidi will be hard to forget: etched on the main memorial column wall of the Kranji War Cemetery is No. 385 - "Lt. Adnan Saidi".


-:[ Hantu Tetek ]:-
The Malays call it Hantu Tetek which means 'Breast Ghost' when translated to English. This ghost is a female ghost and has a huge breasts. She uses her breasts to attack its victim and make full use of her huge breasts to suffocate them to death. Some says, the Hantu Tetek's breasts is at the back instead of the front. There are many different version of how this ghost came about. Some people says she is actually a Balinese witch.
Mothers in kampung villages usually warn their children of this ghost and tell them not to play outside during the dusk period for this ghosts favourite victim is young men and small children. Once caught, they'll never be seen again.

-:[ Kwee Kia ]:-

Kwee Kia is also known as the toyol in Malay. The closest English translation will be Little Devil, due to its small figure.

The Kwee Kia is powered by a young, angry spirit and is normally ‘adapted’ for supernatural purposes, mostly bad ones.

Like the toyol, Kwee Kia can be used to steal, be it money or other things. It can also be used for minor supernatural threats to scare its owners’ enemies away.

Where IT come from

It is believed that Kwee Kia was actually a dead foetus, removed from its mother’s womb. One can acquire a Kwee Kia by getting it fresh from the grave or by passing IT down from generation to generation, from father to son. Of course, this involves chanting and all but since this is evil, it is not encouraged and it will not be discussed here.

Where does IT ‘live’

The owner will actually have a special altar in the house for the Kwee Kia. There will be a glass tube-like structure, big enough to hold an ugly, overgrown, bloated, not fully developed foetus. Yes! The foetus itself in the house. The dead baby in a tube! Evil!!!

The glass tube is filled with a milky solution, something to preserve the foetus with.

Candles, fruits, food and even toys will be laid before it. These are the necessary offerings. It also includes sweets and candies, anything that a small child would like.

Come Out n Play

It is believed that the Kwee Kia comes out at night to play when everyone else is asleep. It will play with its favourite toy among those offered on the altar. Often, it will make some noise but no one shall disturb it.

Boo IT Away

The Kwee Kia is actually like a small child so the way to chase it away is to ‘scold’ it. Do what you would do to stop the children from playing soccer in your void deck.

Is not known though whether or not the ways to prevent the toyol from coming back will work on the Kwee Kia.

Since Kwee Kia is allegedly known to be toyol too, these might work for them both.

Some Tips to Share

If you often find your money missing from the drawer, place a small mirror in it. Make it the first thing you see when you open the drawer. Toyols are said to be afraid of their own reflection.
Trap IT. Bait IT. Place some needles beneath your dollar notes. They will cause severe pain to the toyol. They will shriek in pain and by God’s Will, that will be the last time you’ll be ‘hearing’ from them.
One piece of advise, NEVER indulge in the supernatural. Work your way to success, earn it the right way.

-:[ Werewolf ]:-

Werewolves were evil, vicious people who had the power to transform themselves into wolves. They roamed at night in search of human flesh and blood. Typical victims would be travellers.
Werewolves could become either half man half wolf, or wolves completely. It was believed that a werewolf were able to turn his skin inside out in order to hide his fur when in a human form. To prove this point, that is why many people who were suspected to be a werewolf were caught and had their bodies ripped.

How to recognise a werewolf during his human self?
It was said that these people would be very hairy, even their palms too. Their thick, bushy eyebrows would also meet in the middle. They would have small pointed ears and their middle finger would usually be as long as their second finger.

How to kill a werewolf?
The most effective way to kill a werewolf was with a bullet or knife or stake or anything sharp made from the silver of a melted crucifix. Normally, pure silver would do. The corpses had to be burned not buried coz werewolves were believed to be able to rise from the dead as a vampire.

Werewolves were normally associated with curses or dreadful accidents. Unwillingly sometimes, they had to transform into werewolves every night or with every full moon. They actually suffered a lot and would welcome death as a bonus for them


Our Teacher's Multi-Talented
Our teacher's multi-talented.
He plays guitar and sings.
He paints impressive pictures
and can juggle twenty rings.

He dances like an expert,
he can mambo, tap and waltz.
He's also quite a gymnast,
doing airborne somersaults.

He's something of a swimmer.
He's a champion at chess.
It's difficult to find a skill
that he does not possess.

He speaks a dozen languages.
He's great at racing cars.
He's masterful at fighting bulls,
and studying the stars.

He's good at climbing mountains.
He can wrestle with a bear.
The only thing we wish he'd learn
is how to comb his hair.

The Turkey Taquitos are Tasty Today
The turkey taquitos are tasty today.
The pizza is perfectly fine.
The burgers are better than ever before.
The salads are simply divine.

It's something that never has happened before,
and something we thought never could.
But somehow a miracle must have occurred;
The hot lunch is actually good.

Miss Pronounce
Miss Pronounce is hard to hear.
She always seems to mumble,
and even when her words are clear
they're something of a jumble.

She rambles indistinctly,
with her face behind her hand,
or says things so succinctly
that we cannot understand.

She speaks in cryptic riddles
unaware that she's confusing,
then takes her thumbs and twiddles
and she mutters while she's musing.

Miss Understand retired
and her service will be missed,
for Miss Pronounce was hired
as our new Speech Therapist


“Quick! Run for your life!” I woke up with a jolt. I felt relieved that it was only a nightmare. Then I heard somebody screaming.
I saw thick smoke billowing from Mr Lim’s flat. I hurried to the window & saw many vehicles like fire engines, ambulances & police cars. There were loud shrill sirens coming from the fire engines & ambulances. People were running about & screaming for help. The scene was noisy and chaotic. I was shocked & frightened. I stood rooted to the ground & I did know what to do. The fireman, wearing helmets, long black coats & red boots, started rescue those trapped in the burning flat. Others tried to put out the fire by spraying strong jets of water from the hose. The paramedics attended to the burnt victims & carried them on the stretchers into the waiting ambulances.
After the incident, my mother told me that it was only a drill. I was so relieved that I started giggling. I learnt that it was important to be prepared for an emergency like a fire.


> FiQ>> One day, I
> Jojo > met Spiderman at
> SkyZ>> the roti canai
> Pei Ling>>he spent me
> Made>>a veli delicious
> Jiun ShyanG>>nasi lemak biasa
> evan>some ice kacang
> SiaoHAo>>while we are
> aNGeLiNe>>talking at starbucks
> Janet>>suddenly anaconda appear
> Wei Khee>>dunno do what
>Tzia Lok>>i tear anaconda apart
>mC>>fry to curry
Kim>>and serve to
Ooi>>the Priencess Mia
DoAsInfinity>>suddenly come out
Sin Yee>>a mistery guy
cheryl>>with a parang
samuel>>under his armpit!!
BeR~nErDz~>>and wearing only
s a m a n t h a >> a thong!!!
hEHe >> n a bikini!!!
jIaN aI >> he chop the
carriehengz = *sensored* and *sensored*
lupkoonzz ~ and also the
carriehengz = "sensored sensored" loh..
lupkoonzz ~ Then he started
Stephanie ~~> to do a
JoWeLL~~ really stupid dance
Akira~~ to call Superman
Dillon~~>~> superman came wearing
faUzIe----> bra n g-stirng
deMing=>with an odour!!~~
nadz....= everyone dere fainted
Laney----> and batman came
eZuAndY--->to the rescuE~!!! *wInKZ*
niSs---> hE's RiDiNg a VeSpa!!!
shaz-----> with boots n braces......
DaN ~> out came the
lina=> robin to help...
GuaRelek-->himself jerking off...
GuaRelek-->and batman came...
GuaRelek-->to help robin....
-AcE-YaN-->suddenly dr.oct came~!!
jUf_fRiE=> he gRabBed sPideRmAn's...
Ge[g]urL--> "BaLLs" aNd Den
SyhAZWany-->> n squeeze dem tight!!
sharianty-->> urine burst out!!!!



gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp
gulp, gulp, gulp, swallow, gulp


You just drank an interactive LovePotion. The
spell will take place in
15 seconds. As you scroll down the page,
VERY hard about the
person you like.
















!!!!!! YOU WILL BE LOVED !!!!!!

!!!!!! YOU WILL BE LOVED !!!!!!

You are now under the love spell. It will only
work depending on how
many times you bless others with the

Post this bulletin and you will be LOVED!!!!!

!!!!!! HAPPY LOVING !!!!!
and remember, Real beauty is in the inside


Message: Message: ~~i LoVe U~~ @)>--,--
He handed her 12 roses, 11 real and 1 fake
said, "I'll love you till the last one dies." Send
on. If you dont, you will have bad luck in your
relationships from now on..if u have love for
someone..copy and send this to ur whole
list.....and in 5 min. your true love will send
you a
message or call....


At a minute or two 'til two
Oh what to do to die today at a minute or two 'til two
A thing distinctly hard to say yet harder still to do
For they'll beat a tattoo at twenty to two
With a rattatta tattatta tattatta too
And the dragon will come when he hears the drum
At a minute or two 'til two today
At a minute or two 'til two

A Box of Biscuits
A Box of Mixed Biscuits
And a Biscuit Mixer.
and there gots the
box of biscuits with
a box of mixer

Bob Dole
How much dough would Bob Dole dole
If Bob dole could dole dough?
Bob dole would dole as much dough
As Bob Dole COULD dole,
If Bob Dole could dole dough

Betty Boughter bought some butter
But she said the butter's bitter
If I put it in my batter
It will make my batter bitter
But a bit of better butter will make it better than the bitter butter
So she bought a bit of better butter
And put it in her batter
And her batter was not bitter
So t'was Betty Boughter bought a bit if better butter and put it in her
batter and her batter was not bitter